Instagram Email Scraper: get targeted leads

If you’re looking to improve your email marketing strategy using an Instagram Email Scraper aka extractor, you’re in the right place!

Email scraper for Instagram
How to send cold emails — Instagram email scraper

I’m going to tell you how I managed to double my sales in a very short amount of time. My favorite technique is actually cold emailing, so this is what I’ll be focusing on at the beginning.

What is a cold email?

The definition would be that a cold email is an email you send to a person you’ve never contacted before. It may be business-related or not, but what is for sure is that it’s the beginning of a conversation between you and another person that you may not even know.


You’re having an online business and trying new marketing strategies. If you have an email list (from for example an Instagram email scraper or any other email extractors), you can contact them and get them to know your business. Usually, the first email has to be short and without links, but I’ll get into that later.

Another example would be if a student is trying to contact multiple companies that hire. He is sending cold emails to every company hoping at least one of them will answer back and he will get a chance for an interview.

Is cold emailing legal?

Yes, but this depends on you.

What does this mean?

It means that your emails need to be CAN-SPAM compliant. Sending an email to a person you’ve never contacted before is for sure not illegal, and this is what cold emailing is.

So why do people think bad things about cold emailing?

This is mainly because of the confusion between cold emailing and spamming. Email services usually block companies from sending generic and unsolicited messages. Spam is illegal and is not recommended at all, but it’s totally different than cold emailing.

How is cold emailing different than spamming?

There are various reasons for this. Let me take them step by step and show you why cold emailing is actually one of the greatest email marketing strategies.

  1. It’s personal
  2. You get a very high response rate
  3. You’re not sharing any of your products or links in the first email

For example, spam emails are the same for all the people with advertisements for their products. Lots of times, these emails will automatically go to Spam.

Still, cold emails are personal, they usually include the name of the person, a short question to interact with the people you’re contacting, a short presentation of yourself. This means it will be different for all the people and it will be more personalized.

Cold emails — instagram email extractor
Cold emails — instagram email extractor

How do I send personalized emails without doing it one by one?

There are actually multiple ways to do that, for example

  1. MailMeteor
  3. Mailshake
  4. Prospect.ioA

and so on…

They usually offer a way to add your list of emails as a table and for example get the “username” or “name” of the person automatically from a column of the table of people.

Instagram email scraper
Instagram email scraper
Instagram Email Scraper

How do I extract targeted emails?

If you want to get targeted leads, you have two options:

  1. Program your own email extracting application
  2. Buy an online application for email scraping
  3. Buy a service that extracts emails for you for your needs

What is the easiest to use Instagram email scraper?

If you want to save lots of time, frustration, and be more efficient, you should choose a service that does that for you. For example, xEmailExtractor is one that automatically extracts emails based on what you input:

  1. Followers of a specific account that is related to your business or even competitors. This way you can get active users that are interested in your domain to get to know your business and grow your community!
  2. People that recently posted with a specific hashtag: this way you get active users that post about the same domain your business is.
  3. People that commented under a post: you can either get people that interact with posts about your business or even people that interact with your competitors!
  4. People that liked a specific post, same as above, you can get really active users to know your business and maybe purchase your products.
  5. Followings of a specific account that is related to your business.

The negative part of a service is that it costs a bit more, but it saves lots of time, and you know what they say, time means money!

Why not build an application from zero for myself?

First of all, this is crazy difficult for a lot of reasons. Starting from a very good programming knowledge to Instagram blocking all your accounts, needing expensive proxies, and slow extracting.

Instagram email extractors are not as easy as they seem. Behind all of this, Instagram is very strict and restrictive, so it blocks hundreds of thousands of accounts every week or even day. It’s not only very difficult to create, but also to maintain. There are always Instagram updates that make your code not work anymore, so you’ll have to spend lots of time checking how to make it work again.

Then why not choose an already made application for an Instagram email scraper?

Using an already made application is definitely better than creating your own, but still not the best.

For an application, you’ll still need lots of accounts (because they get blocked all the time) and proxies, which cost. If you want faster and better extraction, you will have to get more expensive proxies, which you don’t have to do using an online service for email extraction.

Also, applications are usually much slower because you have to do all the work, you have to maintain everything and make sure everything is okay. Your accounts, especially if they’re new, will get blocked very fast and all this work could give you a headache in time.

How I decided to switch to an online service for Instagram email extraction

I was also using an application that took a lot from my free time and got so many accounts of mine blocked. Now, looking back at all the costs I’ve had other than the application cost and thinking about the small number of emails I was getting in a day, I regret everything.

Once I came across some automatic Instagram email scrapers, I didn’t have to spend so much time on managing everything, everything was being done manually for me.

Subject line for cold emails scraper
Subject line for cold emails scraper
Cold emails subject line

How many emails should I send daily?

You should start easy, with 100 in a day, then 200, then up to 500. Your main goal is to get responses back, so you have to be personal and ask a very good question.

How can I not get marked as SPAM?

You can follow these tips to make sure you won’t get marked as spam:

  1. Send personalized emails
  2. Change the title of the email from time to time
  3. Don’t add links in your first email and don’t promote anything
  4. Ask a very good question so you get a high reply rate
  5. Target very good your audience so you know for sure they’re interested in your products

For the first one, it’s obvious, I’ve also mentioned it above. You have to include their username or name in the email. Please be aware that many people use strange names on Instagram and you could say “Hello Yellow Jeans” instead of “Hello John”, so I prefer focusing on the username.

An example of the first phrase in cold emails I usually use is that I found their email from Instagram @usernameheree and this is how I’m contacting them, which is totally true.

The second one is to not get blocked by the email service because you’re sending too many similar emails. You should also try to change the text too from time to time and this way you can also see which one works the best.

The third one is again, obvious. If you promote your products in the first email, you can easily get marked as spam. The same goes for the link, it could be considered spam and also people wouldn’t be interested anymore in responding to you as they already have the link with all the info they need.

As for the fourth one, to ask a very good question and get a great response back rate: this way your email will be trusted and it will be obvious that you’re not spamming because spams don’t have any replies. Also, interacting with the people you’re contacting is a very great way to get close to them and make a connection. This way they may trust you more and will check out your business if they need them. If you treat everyone well and you’re very friendly, there is a very high chance they’ll also exchange back the same things.

As for the fifth and last tip: you need to target very well your audience. If you send emails to a totally random list of emails, you will for sure fail. There are different reasons for this:

  1. People will mark you as spam
  2. People won’t answer emails they’re not interested in
  3. You barely have potential clients in randomly chosen emails

This is why above I recommended using a good Instagram email scraper service, so you easily get targeted emails without having to worry about the quality of the emails (because they will be delivered just as you wish).

An example of how the cold email should look like.

You could start by saying “Hello name” or “Hello there,”, then continue by presenting yourself, something like:

I found your email from your Instagram @ username and I wanted to ask a question about your account/business.

And then continue with the question. Be short, but also make it interesting and try to get the person to answer it, for example:

I was wondering if you know any website with great art posters in your city?

And after that, any answer they may give, you can present your own business to them. Make sure you’re not too insistent and you keep your friendly tone. You can for example ask them to check your business out and tell you feedback, or ask them to check it out and let you know if they’re interested in it. There are plenty of ways you can be friendly and promote your business at the same time.

Key Takeaways

If you have a business, you should always try as many marketing strategies as you can.

Cold emailing is a great and very common strategy used by lots of companies. You may never know if your competitors are even trying to get your users using this method. So you should make sure to apply it too to make your brand as popular as possible.

For that, you’ll need a very good Instagram email scraper that won’t make you lose time, money, and clients. It’s one of the best investments you can get for your business, so make sure you give it a try.